Virtual Reality And Trade Shows

Trade shows are a huge industry in and of themselves. People from all over the country, or in some cases the globe, will travel to showcase their products, network within their industries, and make important business deals. If you are a company that works with large equipment to showcase at trade shows you probably also have logistical questions of how to move that equipment, and what is the most important thing you need to bring.

Virtual Reality is proving to be an ultra-effective trade show tool for companies in the large equipment category for this very reason. The cost of shipping large, heavy equipment can make the decision to present at a trade show a tough one. On the one hand, attending these trade shows may prove very valuable, but on the other, the price tag for entering can be steep because of the additional shipping fees.

BlackBox Realities has worked with multiple companies to create effective sales strategies on the trade show floor utilizing Virtual and Augmented Reality. The decision to use this new technology has saved thousands in shipping costs for the presenting companies and provided trade show attendees with a new way of exploring the products they love.

Check out our Duraturn Tires Case Study to learn how we used Augmented Reality to peel back the layers of their tires for attendees to see how each layer improves performance. And don’t forget to take a peek at our Franke EcO3Ice 360 Ride and Virtual Kitchen Case Studies as great examples of how companies can save on shipping and setup while still providing excellent trade show sales tools. Does your company invest their marketing dollars in trade shows? How could Virtual or Augmented Reality change the way you present?

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BlackBox Simulations Partners with Nashville’s Adventure Science Center

We are excited to announce that BlackBox Simulations is partnering with Nashville’s own Adventure Science Center in an ongoing Virtual Reality exhibit that will have rotating content.

The exhibit will open on August 19th at the Eclipse Festival opening day, and coincides with the weekend long Music City Solar Eclipse Festival and Viewing Party held at the museum. The VR exhibit will have a total of six spaces for individuals to use room scale virtual reality headsets at the same time.

BlackBox Simulations is working with the Adventure Science Center to create customized content for this exhibit with brand new content coming out every quarter over the next year. For more information about the opening event click here.

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Franke and NAFEM

We had a great time at the National Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) Show this year! Many thanks to Franke FoodService Solutions for letting us help #MakeItWonderful by introducing your clients to Virtual Reality and the Franke VR Kitchen. Watch the highlight video below.


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