Case Studies

Adventure Science Center Installation

Being a Nashville based company ourselves, we were thrilled to be asked to work on a permanent Virtual Reality Experience at the Adventure Science Center. Not only is a great project, but it also promotes virtual reality and technology to the youth here in our own neighborhood.

The installation we did at the Adventure Science Center will be permanent for at least one year. They designed a section of the 2nd story of the building to house six different VR booths that can all go through the experience simultaneously.

Each user will be outfitted with a HTC Vive Headset, controller, and earphones and be able to go through the experience at their own pace. The first phase is the Adventure Science Center Skyscraper Builder and will take you through the process of how to build a skyscraper from start to finish. To give the experience some variability users can chose one of three architects, all of which will take you on a different journey.

The content for this installation will change every three months to a new topic so people who chose to come back can continue to learn something new.

Client: Adventure Science Center
Date: September 26, 2017
Service: Virtual Reality