Case Studies

Franke Virtual Kitchen – NAFEM & NRA

In 2017 we were excited to work with a company that is known for their excellent work in the commercial kitchen manufacturing world, Franke. They tasked us with creating a Virtual Reality experience that would allow them to showcase their best new commercial kitchen layouts at their trade shows and give their customers an unforgettable experience.

For the first trade show, NAFEM, we created one experience with four different stations you could interact with in VR. A virtual trade show presenter was there to great you and guide you through the experience “in person”.

For the second trade show, NRA, we made some adaptions and created two separate experiences that the user could choose from at the beginning depending on what kind of equipment they were interested in testing out. This experience also feature the virtual trade show presenter.

The main goals of the project were to eliminate the need of shipping very large kitchen equipment to the trade show, provide an unforgettable experience to the users and customers on the floor, and to showcase Franke as a forward thinking and innovative company.

We’ve made this special video showcasing what it would be like for a user as they go through one of the Franke Virtual Kitchen experiences so you can get a better feel of how users interact in the virtual environment we’ve build.

Client: Franke
Date: September 26, 2017
Service: Virtual Reality